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January 2018

Modernising Britain’s Railway Stations– The Building Services Perspective



Rail travel in the UK is now more popular than ever and passenger numbers continue to surpass the predicted rate of growth. According to Network Rail the next five years will see “The biggest investment programme since the Victorian era” to meet the demand. The improvements will see a significant upgrade to railway infrastructure including more electrified routes, journey time improvements and capacity improvements.

Britain’s Railway Stations are being extensively refurbished to meet the wider infrastructure improvements. This Seminar will allow TATA Steel Projects in York to present their experience of designing services solutions for the Redevelopment of Nottingham Station, Reading Station and Kings Cross Station and the challenges faced for the Building Services Engineer. 

As with much of the existing building stock, refurbishments are not straight forward and present many challenges. Dave Bolt and Andy Craven from TATA will discuss the constraints of expanding the facilities and reducing energy consumption in Stations that have historic importance and specific design standards.

Key features of the presentation will be the design methodology used for modelling concourse areas, considerations for air quality and contaminants, lighting applications and the routing of services.

To dovetail in with this event, Sally Kirk Walker shall also be talking to us....Sally has given the following synopsis;

“A tricky conversation?  The truth about heritage and building science  ” 

Controlling the indoor environment became a possibility in the 19th century when new construction techniques allowed architects and engineers to design spaces that were healthy and comfortable. Building science is a field of knowledge that draws upon physics, chemistry, engineering and architecture, and more, and allows engineers to understand and manage buildings as complex systems. Building science evolved in response to owners and users recognizing the impact of their physical needs on the performance of buildings and vice versa, including energy efficiency, durability, safety and the quality of the indoor environment.  Heritage is our inherited past including our tangible cultural heritage in buildings, monuments, landscapes, works of art, and handmade objects. The collision of these two worlds of history and sciencecan be seen in the reality of the performance gap between ‘integrated building services’ and heritage buildings. Making sense of and understanding historic buildings with impending futures will form the theme of the presentation.
The event will be held at Tata Steel Projects, Merridian House, The Crescent, York Y024 1AW, and anyone is welcome whether CIBSE member or not.

Refreshments will be provided, in order for us to confirm accurate requirements, it would be appreciated if people wishing to attend would confirm their attendance to 

Tata steel Projects,
Meridian House,
The Crescent
Y024 1AW
17/09/2014 18:00:00

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