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January 2018

Urban design & how BS Engineers can assist

Our first technical event of this  important and no doubt challenging New Year is scheduled for the 25th January at Leeds Metropolitan University Rose Bowl. Arup's Becci Taylor will provide a CPD seminar on Urban Design with the following synopsis;

The overall environmental impact of a site can be reduced by microclimate design to reduce building and transport energy. A well designed layout can reduce the urban heat island effect, increase potential for natural ventilation and improve daylighting while providing shade. Energy consumption is reduced by making the outdoors pleasant to be in - reducing the use of transport, noise and pollution.
What this means is that low carbon building design starts with consideration of urban issues and should be considered by design teams at the earliest possible stage. These passive design measures also serve to make the external urban spaces more habitable, useable and appealing.

Venue - Leeds Met Rose Bowl - Lecture Theatres
Date - 25th January 2012

The event is scheduled to commence at 6:30pm with refreshements and buffet provided from 6:00pm.

It is considered that this event will be of interest to a number of parties so if you know any other people you work with or collaborate with who may find this of interest e.g. Architects then please forward to them.

I would be very greateful if you could confirm via e mail if you wish to attend so that we can confirm numbers for catering etc. 
Talk by Becci Taylor - Associate Arup
Leeds Metropolitan University
Rose Bowl
25/01/2012 18:30:00

Post event comments

Arups Becci Taylor and Polly Thurton presented a very interesting and informative talk on how we can use our design skills as Building Services Engineers to inform the design process at the outset to minimise carbon emmissions and also provide comfort particulalrly in relation to public realm design.
A lively debate followed the discussion and it was good to see those who attended partcipate and the key blockage in the process is how we as engineers can be involved in the early stages of design particulalry given the current climate and the financial pressures Clients now find themselves under.
As Chair I wish to thank Becci and Polly for the time spent in preperation and presentation for the event and also those who braved the elements to attend.

The presentation from the event can be found on the link below;

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